SilverDot Services

SilverDot Consulting and Services offers the following services:

SilverDot Minipublishing: Self-Publishing Books


It’s been said that everybody has a book inside them just waiting to come out.

If your ‘inner book’ is now ready to be set free, you’re in the right place. 

We provide solutions for self-publishers – taking your raw unpublished materials and transforming them into a beautifully finished book.

SilverDot Digitidy: Digitising Printing materials


It is easy to drown in the ocean of documents we accumulate in our lifetime but very hard to part with them… What if they contain some vital information which some day will become priceless?

Digitise and get rid of tonnes of paper documents!

We are happy to help you to declutter your home and office.

SilverDot Ideographics: Graphic Data Design


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Let us compress your ideas, data and presentations
into informative and visually stunning diagrams, maps, tables and graphs.

Express your vision and mission on logos, banners, cover images for your advertising campaigns and newsletters.